How to Download Twitter Videos
January 25, 2023

How to Download Twitter Videos


Ever wondered “How to download Twitter videos?“, then you’re in the right spot! If you are trying to figure out how to quickly download Twitter videos to your iPhone, this article will explain how to quickly and easily save Twitter video clips right to your phone so you can watch them whenever possible.

The most effective ways to download the files will be discussed, along with some practical advice and tools to make the procedure simple. Therefore, read on to discover more about making Twitter videos accessible anytime, anywhere, whether you’re a new user or an experienced techie.

The Best Way to Download Twitter Videos to Your iPhone or Android Phone

To download a video from Twitter, go to our Twitter Video Downloader and enter the video’s URL. Open Twitter and look for the tweet with the video’s URL. After tapping it, go to your screen’s upper right corner and hit the three dots icon. Choose Copy Link to Tweet from there.

Once you’ve copied the link, input it at our Twitter video downloader. Simply click Download Video after deciding on the resolution that best meets your needs.

The file must then be moved from your computer to your phone. You’ll need a USB cord to accomplish this. Open File Explorer (or Finder on a Mac) after using this cord to connect your phone to the computer. All of your device’s stuff should appear in a list of folders.

Drag the video file from your computer into a folder on your phone after selecting it. Open the folder on your phone after disconnecting the USB. You should be able to watch the video right away from where it is! If you are using android devices, simply connect the android device via USB to the computer and copy the video file to the device. It’s that easy!

The fact that downloading videos from Twitter is simple, quick, and cost-free is its best feature. Simply follow a few easy steps, and you may store a copy of your favorite Twitter videos on your phone without the need for any specialized software or apps. So why do you still wait? Start enjoying Twitter videos wherever you are right now by giving them a try!

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How Can I Download Twitter Videos on Desktop/Laptop

Web-based software makes downloading Twitter videos on a desktop or laptop easy. Several browser add-ons and companies let you directly download tweet videos.

Copy and paste the video’s Twitter URL into the web tool before downloading. Transfer the video file to your phone after downloading it to your PC.

Tweeting videos:

Specialized PC applications can download Twitter videos. 4K Video Downloader and Free Download Manager may rapidly download any tweet’s video.

After downloading the app, paste the tweet’s URL before tapping download. Transfer the video to your device from your PC.

Twitter iOS video downloads:

Downloading Twitter videos on your iPhone is still simple. Using third-party software like Documents by Readdle is preferable. This program immediately downloads any media, including Twitter videos.

Paste the tweet’s URL to the video in Documents by Readdle. Your device will download the video to the “Downloads” folder.

It will be easy to preserve your favorite videos and watch them anytime you want if you are aware of the finest methods for downloading Twitter videos to any device.

These methods will make downloading Twitter videos easy no matter if you are a beginner at this or an expert who needs more ways.

Advice & Tricks:

• Before downloading a video, always verify that it is available in HD resolution. When downloading the file, several web-based utilities let users choose from a variety of resolutions.

• You need a third-party app, like Documents by Readdle, to download Twitter videos on your iPhone. Use this or another reliable app to do your downloads.

• Before downloading huge files, be sure to check your device’s storage space; you don’t want to run out of room when downloading videos!

• Be aware that certain Twitter videos have protections in place that prevent simple downloads. If this is the case, attempt downloading the video using a different web-based application or software package.

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Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

You now know how to download Twitter videos to your phone thanks to this article. Always utilize dependable instruments, and heed the advice we’ve provided above.

Frequently asked questions

Read on some of the most asked questions on downloading Twitter videos.

How Do I Download Videos From the Twitter App on Android?

Enter the Twitter video’s URL into the downloader at . After that, select the download quality by clicking “Download.” It can be simply saved to your phone or tablet.

  1. Open up the Twitter app and find the tweet which may contain the video you wish to download, click the share button and copy the Url of the tweet.
  2. After copying the link to the tweet, open up the Twitter video downloader and paste the URL, and hit download.
  3. Once that’s done, you will be provided with the option to select a format for the video, click on any preferred format and your download will start.

How Can I Save Videos From the iOS Twitter App?

  1. Open up the Twitter app on your iOS device and find the tweet which may contain the video you wish to download, click the share button and copy the Url of the tweet.
  2. After copying the link to the tweet, open up the Twitter video downloader of keepvideonline and paste the URL, and hit download.
  3. Once you are done with it, you will be provided with the option to select a format for the video, click on any preferred format and your download will start. The video will download immediately onto your device.

What Further Techniques Are There for Obtaining Twitter Videos?

There are several different approaches to downloading Twitter videos if you need access to the internet or would rather not use a third-party website.

You can use an app like MyMedia to download numerous files simultaneously and save them directly to your device. Users of Apple devices can simply download videos from Twitter using the built-in Shortcuts app.

What Recommendations Are There for Downloading Twitter Videos?

Before downloading a video, keep in mind how much storage space your device has. Check the video’s resolution to ensure it matches the quality you desire.

Additionally, be out that the files you’re downloading aren’t too big or complex if you’re doing so concurrently because this will cause your device to run much slower. Finally, ensure you never download files that might be protected by copyright. Always be mindful of copyright rules.

What Twitter Video Downloader Is the Most Effective?

Because it is simple to use, dependable, and supports various types of formats, keepvideonline’s twitter-video downloader is regarded as the finest Twitter video downloader.

You can also choose the download quality to receive exactly what you need. It also features an intuitive interface, and all downloads are quick and safe.


You may now instantly download Twitter videos to your iPhone, thanks to the guidance in this blog article. You can access your favorite video content whenever and wherever you want with only a few easy steps and the appropriate tools! Save those Twitter videos now; you won’t be sorry.

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